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About Champion Markets (CP) LTD

Champion Markets (CP) LTD is a Futures and CFD broker offering trading in global financial markets.

Champion Markets (CP) LTD

Founded by a team of seasoned trading experts, Champion Markets has cultivated extensive global connections with brokers and investment banks. Our highly secure platform, situated in the world's most regulated business environment, seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with minimal latency. This fusion delivers a robust and personalized service tailored to meet your individual trading requirements. Recognized by the Union of Comoros Offshore Financial Authority, Champion Markets (CP) Ltd operates as an International Brokerage and Clearing House, holding License No. L15995/CM.

About Us

Champion Markets (CP) LTD stands as a registered company, positioned at the forefront as a futures trading liquidity provider, facilitating seamless access to the global futures trading market. Through our platform, experience ultra-high-speed futures trading execution, enjoying inter-bank level ECN spreads. Immerse yourself in futures trading transactions with the precision of financial institutions, supported by our stable platform connecting CFD Futures Trading markets. Our offerings include enhanced versions of MetaTrader 5, and diverse mobile trading clients compatible with Apple iPhone and Android operating systems. With Champion Markets (CP) LTD, take command of the advantages within your reach in the world of futures trading.

We are trustworthy and do our best to provide top service to our customers.

Explore a comprehensive trading realm with us, featuring cost-effective brokerage fees, seamless execution, complimentary training on platform usage, and unwavering support from our seasoned account managers. More than a slogan, our commitment to excellence is rooted in tangible progress and a down-to-earth approach. Driven by a corporate culture that values excellence, we believe in providing each client with an unparalleled personal trading experience shaped by quality and continuous improvement.

We provide you with the most comprehensive protection

Whether you are a first-time investor or a seasoned trader, Champion Markets has you covered. All you need to do is call or chat with our team of account managers for any support and consulting services you need.

Why choose us?

Champion Markets (CP) LTD boasts over a decade of expertise in the financial market, dedicated to constructing a premier platform for seamless trading. Committed to compliance, we strive to offer exceptional financial services globally. Registered under the Autonomous Island of Anjouan, Union of Comoros, we operate internationally, supporting partners in becoming champion traders. With our user-friendly trading program, you can effortlessly navigate the global market, enjoying swift execution and professional customer service. Join Champion Markets to unleash your potential as a champion trader today!