CFD Futures

Trade CFD Futures with Champion Markets (CP) LTD

Go long or short on the latest CFD futures opportunities.

What is CFD Futures?

With CFD futures instruments you can speculate on the rise or fall in the price of selected agricultural commodities, government bonds, or a dollar index, for example. These CFD instruments are linked to an underlying asset, which is always a specific futures contract. As a CFD futures trader, you do not become the owner of the actual futures contract but only speculate on its price.

Advantages of Trading CFD Futures with Champion Markets (CP) LTD

Accurate Market Prices

See the same prices and quotes as the underlying exchange.

Convenient Lots

Trade in smaller sizes than required by global exchanges.


Lower fees than traditional exchanges, availability of leverage, and no overnight charges.

Deep Liquidity

World-Class Liquidity, Deep Pools, Fast Filling, Including Major Globar Markets with more than 60 Currency Pairs.


Trade CFD futures prices across global markets, with low margin requirements and competitive trading costs.