Futures Trading

Access over 200 futures contracts from 22 exchanges around the world.

What is futures trading?

A futures contract is a contract between two parties that agrees to buy or sell a specific asset at a predetermined price on a specific date in the future on the exchange. While investors may be reluctant to trade future contracts, It's worth noting, however, that futures contracts are a way for companies to hedge, especially for those who trade in commodities. For example, oil and gas companies can buy oil futures contracts, To hedge their business against the risk of oil price volatilityExperience our wide range of futures trading tools and resources through Champion Markets (CP) LTD , direct access to the world's largest global exchange, You can trade global indices, oil, metals, currencies, agriculture and bonds

Futures Trading at Champion Markets (CP) LTD

Traditionally, futures contacts bring together two types of market participants: those looking to reduce risk (hedgers) and those looking to profit from risk (speculators). Simply put, futures are an efficient way to exchange risk from one party to another.

For example, a "hedger" can sell a futures contract to protect himself from price fluctuations. But at the same time, "speculators" can profit from the rise in the price of the underlying asset by buying futures contracts.

Advantages of Trading Futures with Champion Markets (CP) LTD

Flexible leverage

Use your money efficiently with flexible leverage. Day trading leverage is available.

Both long-term and short-term are available

The futures market never stops. Find investment opportunities 24 hours a day, five days a week.

Low Fees

Futures not only have the lowest interest and lowest holding costs, but also have ultra-low broker fees and transaction fees.

Real-time price

Non-professional users can get streaming data at a low rate. No data delay.